Monday Links

  • Must-read article on the technical and political failures that led to the messy rollout. The White House can blame the Republicans for obstructing progress, and some of the blame for the fiasco should rightly be applied to that group. But focusing on the Republicans obscures the substantial blame that should be accorded to the White House, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for screwing this up in a big way. It baffles me that the most significant legislation of President Obama’s two terms didn’t have an overseer to ensure that it actually worked
  • Josh Barro is right: those that continually harp about how amazing the American health care system is (“Best in the World” and all that) aren’t being honest or factual. The system is a fragmented mess that costs us more than any other country without producing across-the-board improvements in health relative to those countries – and millions of Americans aren’t even able to access it in the first place
  • Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta is starting an anti-corruption, anti-bribery website where citizens can elevate complaints directly to his office
  • Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are growing fast – even the ones without substantial oil and/or mineral holdings. I’m not totally clear on why this is news – they’re growing exactly the way Development Economics 101 predicts they should grow: capital-constrained countries can use capital more productively than capital-rich countries (like America), so they can grow a lot faster

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