Wednesday Links

  • War tourists – those who flock to war zones to get a first-hand view, for fun – are really, really stupid. They put themselves and everyone around them in danger and should be accorded absolutely zero respect
  • Getting tacit knowledge (the “how-to” expertise that’s often in someone’s head and was learned by doing) from the experienced to the inexperienced is really, really important for developing countries. It’s also really, really hard
  • Equity markets for individuals. It’s an interesting model, though the incentives are messy, and without the proper protection, it’s hard to see how everyday investors would ever feel comfortable buying a “share” of someone’s future income as an investment (as charity, sure). But I think the idea that this is somehow “indentured servitude” is really dumb
  • In a whiny and meandering post, a physician argues that it’s basically Hard Out There for a Doc. Fine. But he argues that “Unfortunately, we physicians do not have much of a voice on Capitol Hill,” which is insane and incredibly tone deaf. The American Medical Association – which, though he unconvincingly argues otherwise, represents physicians on Capitol Hill – is one of the most powerful lobbying groups in America

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