Saturday Links

  • A survey of (science-focused) freelance journalists. It isn’t pretty, but there are reasons to be optimistic for would-be freelancers. Really well done
  • The richest school districts in New York spend $25,505 per student. The poorest? Almost exactly half that – $12,861. As Porter notes, spending parity doesn’t lead to outcome parity, but that’s no excuse for choosing our education dollars to be allocated on a rich/rich, poor/poor basis
  • Ousting M23 is just the start, according to Laura Seay. Excellent article on the future of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Here are some of the best and worst “Africa Charity Ads” of the year. All four of the best ads are respectful and manage to get the point across in a really compelling way (I’ve previously written about #3 and #4)

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