Tuesday Links

  • Look for more instances of this type of anti-Obama punditry as prognosticators begin to focus on the 2016 election. President Obama ran as a sort of anti-politician, and that’s the way he’s governed. Fine, quibble with it’s successes and failures, but do so with the counterfactual in mind: would Republicans have drastically changed course if Obama was more glad-handy and less cerebral? Would Minority Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid have acted any differently? Both seem unlikely to me
  • The Los Angeles school district had grand plans to hand out iPads to every student, but the pilot went according to common sense, not plan – the kids hacked their way into Facebook, Twitter, and other “fun” sites. So the district is halting the program, for now. There’s a lesson here that LAUSD should have learned over and over again: kids want to have fun and do things that provide them happiness, and will break the rules to do so. Technology for education is great and should be used, but administrators need to learn how to use it appropriately – which, in my opinions, means allowing kids to screw around on the iPads as well as learn on them
  • The US Postal Service will start delivering Amazon’s packages on Sundays. Terms weren’t disclosed, but it will be interesting to see how long it takes before UPS and FedEx ink a similar deal
  • Horrifying tale of kids adopted from Ethiopia by fundamentalist Christians and what happens after, including what basically amounted to physical and psychological torture and the death of one little girl. Long but worth a read (especially the first two sections). Obviously this isn’t what happens with most adoptions, but still should be viewed as a cautionary tale about how badly it can go with the wrong parents (some of who adopt dozens of children, which makes their homes a bit like the orphanages the kids were taken from)

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