Sunday Links

  • This is big, big news for Welltok/CafeWell – a partnership with IBM to make Watson (the computer that beat Ken Jennings in Jeopardy) available to give health advice to CafeWell customers
  • Preliminary results from Propeller Health’s (nee Asthmapolis) RCT are excellent. Glad to see asthma telemedicine being proven empirically – gives hope to other innovators and device makers that there’s a market for it (usual caveat: I helped with the initial feasibility analysis for the company when I was in college)
  • Unparalleled analysis on the Democratic Republic of the Congo and M23’s last breaths from Jason Stearns (I’ve said that before, and it’s because he’s very, very good)
  • I doubt President Obama’s recent capitulation on the Affordable Care Act – to “allow” grandfathered insurance plans – will actually do much of anything other than annoy and infuriate the insurance companies (many of which have already cancelled the plans and are unlikely to un-cancel them). The pundit chorus seems to be re-focusing around lowering the insurance floor – Ross Douthat explains how

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