Sunday Links

  • Three myths about Nelson Mandela. I still don’t know much about him, and need to read his autobiography, but two things have stuck out as I’ve read articles the past few days: 1) he seems to have been a remarkable pragmatist, able to keep his principles but jettison ideology and demagoguery when it was necessary to compromise; and 2) relatedly, he wasn’t a pacificst: when nonviolence failed, he picked up arms and led a guerilla war, but was careful to only attack symbols of apartheid, not everyday civilians
  • This is bad: Kenya just passed a new law that gags media companies and individual journalists. For decades, Kenya has been a relatively media-friendly country; this move could convince less media-friendly countries to be even less friendly
  • What happened to one of South Sudan’s “Lost Boys” after he settled in Georgia? Excellent look at the troubles all immigrants face – but especially those with the troubles and travails faced by the Lost Boys (earlier, I reviewed Dave Eggers’ half-fictional What is the What, about Valentino Achek Deng, one of the Lost Boys who eventually made it to Atlanta, too)
  • Donald Rumsfeld is proof positive that excessive ambition paired with a deep commitment to American exceptionalism (“…who do we want to lead – provide leadership – in the world? Somebody else?) and a very shallow sense of consequences is a very, very dangerous combination.

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