My Top Five Most Popular Posts of 2013*

*Though with two caveats: 1) far more people read my articles at other outlets than here, so my articles at The Atlantic, Newsweek, Project Millennial, PolicyMic, etc. have far more views than these; and 2) the blogging software only counts clicks and not scroll-throughs, which means that other articles could have technically been more popular…

1. Book-Blogging: King Leopold’s Ghost (likely because kids in school were looking up a quick summary…)

2. How Getting Fired – From an Unpaid Volunteer Job – Was the Best

3. (Most of the) Things You Should Know About Kenya’s Electoral History Before the Election

4. Getting Up to Speed on Maternal Mortality and Millennium Development Goal 5A

5. Five Things I Learned (The Hard Way) From Running My First Marathon in Nairobi



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