Guinness Put Out a Fantastic Ad Starring the Republic of the Congo’s Sapeurs. You Should Watch It

This is a fantastic ad featuring the sapeurs of the Republic of Congo. Don’t know what that means? Just watch.

I love a lot of things about this – a friendly swag off! – but mostly I love how it shows Congo-Brazzaville’s citizens as prideful and dignified rather than war-mongering and poor and weak. Guinness released a short documentary, too, which you can – and should – watch here.

While the sapeurs are obviously uniquely concerned with appearances (and uniquely stylish as a result), it’s worth pointing out that they are aberrant only in degree. Pretty much everyone I met in East Africa – from the three-piece-suit-wearing movers and shakers in Nairobi to the rural villagers donning beautiful dresses in Cibitoke, Burundi –  highly valued looking good. You won’t see those people in the Western media, usually.

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