I Answered Five Questions for My New Company

One answer is below; read the rest here (where I’ll be doing a lot of the writing, social media, and communications).

2.  What interested you in joining the team at Gradian? 

It’s a wholly unique opportunity and an incredibly exciting time to join the team.

Gradian has an established product that mitigates many of the issues with medical equipment I saw in hospitals and health centers throughout East Africa (on which more below), and I wanted to be a part of the effort to equip clinicians with the equipment that will help clinicians practice “at the top of their game.”

It also has a unique approach to social enterprise, and is pioneering an innovative business model that entrepreneurs and organizations will be able to leverage in the future. Being privileged enough to play some small part in developing and refining the model is incredibly gratifying.

Most importantly, though, it has great people, all of whom exude a rare combination of talent and humility; experience and openness; and flexibility and doggedness. I can’t wait to dive in.

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