More Podcasts You Should Be Listening To: The Memory Palace, 99% Invisible, and The Moth – and EconTalk

(Update: Added EconTalk because it’s amazing)

If you’ve ever taken public transportation in East Africa, you know it can be… slow. Laborious. Interminable.

I took a lot of it while I was there – like, over a month’s worth of waking hours a lot, often alone. Bumping along the streets, staring out the window, trying to sleep or stay awake or just not be noticed. Headphones glued to my ears.

So I spent quality time with podcasts. I listened to all of the current episodes of my favorites, and all of the Radiolab episodes at least once. And I basically exhausted my supply.

Fortunately, I recently came across Julia Furlan’s excellent list of recommended podcasts, and found some really, really fantastic storytellers to listen to while on the subway or walking through Central Park. Check them out:




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