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International Development/Global Health

Turning Human Waste Into Human Welfare” (The Daily Beast) – on Sanergy, an organization tackling the seemingly-intractable problem of sanitation in dense, urban informal settlements

“Geeking Out: Uganda’s Women Are Creating the Next Generation of Girl Geeks” (The Daily Beast) – on GirlGeekKampala, an organization which holds weekly training sessions on computer programming languages for young women

The Inadequacy of Donating Medical Medical Devices to Sub-Saharan Africa” (The Atlantic) – My look at the medical device donation industry and how donated equipment works in Uganda

Kenya’s Women Fight Back” (Newsweek/The Daily Beast) – On No Means No Worldwide, an NGO that teaches self-defense to teenage girls and elderly women in Nairobi’s informal settlements

Treating the Physical and Emotional Wounds of Obstetric Fistula in Tanzania” (ThinkAfricaPress) – Drill-down into the condition of obstetric fistula in Tanzania, with a visit to a large disability hospital in Dar es Salaam treating hundreds of patients each year

Life of a Salesman: The Youth are Bringing Quality Products to Nairobi’s Slums” (ThinkAfricaPress) – Profile of Livelyhoods, an organization using microconsignment (a younger cousin of microcredit) to get high-quality, environmentally-friendly products to the residents of Nairobi’s slums.

BodAmbulances Are Saving The Lives of Mbale’s Mothers in Uganda” (ThinkAfricaPress) – Using boda boda motorcycles as ambulances, Ugandans are able to reach mothers and bring them to health centers and hospitals where they can safely give birth

“‘Embracing Embrace’ – How Low-Cost Infant Warmers are Saving Lives” (ThinkAfricaPress) – Profile of Embrace Global’s program at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. The organization created ultra low-cost infant warmers that protect babies from hypothermia in resource-constrained areas

That Plastic Bag You Carried Your Groceries Home With? It Could Save a Newborn’s Life. Here’s How” (ThinkAfricaPress) – Summary of a study that showed remarkable reductions in hypothermia for low birth weight infants who were put in cheap plastic bags immediately after birth in Lusaka, Zambia

Gradian Health Systems

Foundation-Owned Social Enterprises: A New Way Forward?” (Stanford Social Innovation Review). Arguing that a new philanthropic model can help address a funding gap for social enterprises that are unlikely to be profitable, but still want to use market mechanisms to bring a product or service to market.

Designing Medical Devices for Predictably Unpredictable Environments” (The Lancet Global Health Blog). Article on medical device design and the need to design devices for the environments they’ll be used in.

How a Blended Model Can Solve Some Market Failures” (NextBillion Health Care). On Gradian’s business model, which leverages a unique form of philanthropy to address the market failures of the sale of medical devices in low-resource regions.

American Health Care

Diagnosing Concussions and Assessing Balance – On Your iPhone” (The Health Care Blog) – On Sway Balance, an app that wants to be used on the football field and soccer pitch to immediately assess balance

Wellness Programs Aren’t Working. Three Ideas That Could Help” (Project Millennial/The Health Care Blog) – Discusses studies showing the inefficacy of wellness programs and how operational and technological improvements could help improve programs

Can a Portable Hand Sanitizer System Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections in America’s Hospitals?” (The Health Care Blog) – Profile of SwipeSense, a startup using real-time data to increase hand-washing in America’s hospitals

These Aren’t Mixed Results. Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations Worked” (Project Millennial) – Initial results out of the Pioneer ACOs were quite positive, but some media outlets were downplaying them, or highlighting minor issues

Blood Pressure Monitoring, Telemedicine, and Automated Hovering: A Future Model for Disease Management?” (Project Millennial/The Health Care Blog) – Discusses a study that showed positive results for an at-home blood pressure monitoring device, and how that basic model could be applied to other chronic diseases

The ‘Micro-Voucherization’ of Health Insurance – Can Reference Pricing Help Bend the Curve?” (Project Millennial/The Health Care Blog) – Reference pricing drastically reduced the cost of a procedure in California. Can it scale?

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