(Note: This hasn’t been updated in a while. I’ll get to it eventually)

American Health Policy/Economics

  • Wonkblog – my go-to resource for American health policy, economics, and staying up-to-speed on the latest, greatest American political disaster waiting to happen. Ezra Klein and the others writing for this blog are lucid, data-minded, and fair, but definitely skew center-left
  • The Incidental Economist – simply some of the best health policy writing on the internet
  • Shots – NPR’s health blog
  • The Health Care Blog – gathers original and cross-posted articles on any health care topic, but is especially good about Electronic Health Records and espousing physicians’ views (Full Disclosure: I write here)
  • Megan McArdle – I often disagree with McArdle but find her to be very thoughtful and non-ideological. Her writing causes me to re-evaluate my positions on a near-weekly basis
  • Josh Barro – a profile described him as “devoid of introspection and emotion, save irascibility.” A neoliberal in the political-philosophy sense, he’s thoughtful, smart, and willing to take on those he sees as “derping”
  • Project Millennial – health policy writing by Millennials, for Millennials. In-depth and analytical (Full Disclosure: I write here)

International Development/Global Health

  • Center for Global Development – there’s a lot here, and it’s all excellent
  • Chris Blattman – great resource for understanding international development as a career
  • A View From the Cave – Tom Murphy’s blog; excellent aggregator of international development/global health news
  • Owen Barder – Barder works at CGD and I find him to be thoughtful and informative
  • WhyDev – perspectives on development, often from young people currently “in the field” (Full Disclosure: I write here)
  • Feast and Famine – The Economist’s development-focused blog
  • ThinkAfricaPress – interesting, in-depth articles and profiles about what’s happening in African countries (Full Disclosure: I write here)

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